Stephanie Homan | Graphic Designer

Traveling Paws


Taste of the Wild was inspired by the idea that no one knows what dogs should eat better than their own DNA. All ingredients are high quality, affordable, grain free, and based on their natural diet. A sub brand of Taste of the Wild, Traveling Paws, is a strong promoter of responsible pet owning, which is why they make it easy for you to take your dog anywhere. Why leave your dog at home or alone at a kennel when you can take them on adventures?

Style One

Concept One | Global

This design focuses on traveling with your dog globally. If you’re taking the next flight across the globe or packing your bags for a day-trip to the next city over, Traveling Paws will make adventures with your dog easy.


Concept Two | Wilderness

The second design concept targets traveling with your dog through the wilderness. If you’re planning your trip to all of the national parks or getting your things together for a hike through your local trails, Traveling Paws makes these wild explorations simple.

Style 2
Style 3

Concept Three | Curiosity

This design highlights the curious adventures you can take with your pup. If you’re planning a trip through the wilderness or working up the courage to check out the enchanted forest where the wild things are, Traveling Paws will make any type of adventure possible with your dog.


Final Packaging + Details

Packaging Details

Family of Products

The Traveling Paws design emphasizes what it means to go on an adventure. The whimsical illustrations and wild scenes show the fun explorations you can have with your pet. With Traveling Paws, you can go anywhere. This family of products provides dog owners with travel sized packages of dog food in three different recipes that are resealable in order to keep the food fresh for every serving. The back includes a feeding guide that informs the owner how many servings are in each bag according to their dog’s weight and serving size so that the owner knows how long the bag will last during their travels.

Family of Products

Treat Tins with Multipack

These treat tins are small enough to fit conveniently in a back pocket or in the side of a bag. Take the tins on walks to easily reward your dog for good behavior with a tasty treat. The multipack of treat tins is for the dog who wants some variety for their taste buds. 

Treat Tins with Multipack

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