Stephanie Homan | Graphic Designer



The decline of mental health is largely due to the loss of communication between brain cells. Scribble focuses on art making as an accessible therapeutic tool in order to stimulate parts of the brain and form new connections between cells. Through art making, people have the ability to improve their self esteem, experience more positive thinking, de-stress, and enhance their overall mental health.


Research Methods

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Research Insights

Research Insights


This prototype allows users to create an individualized journey to art making. With the option to filter through specific emotions, users are able to choose artistic exercises that focus on what they want. Strong creative thinking is available in this prototype with the artistic instructions being broad to allow the user to interpret the exercise in various ways in their own physical sketchbook. This prototype also provides feelings of motivation and being rewarded by showing a calendar to see how many days in a row the user has completed a drawing and the desire to continue the streak.


App Architecture

App Architecture

Scribble won Best of Show for the Visual Communication Design Program and was awarded Best of Show by the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts during the 2019 OSU Design Expo.