Stephanie Homan | Graphic Designer


BloomBox Hero

BloomBox is a plant subscription service that believes in “greening up” the surrounding world to enhance our wellbeing. Gardening has a positive impact on the environment, wildlife, and our own health. There are people in the world who want to start gardening but aren’t sure they have the green thumb, and that’s where BloomBox comes in. Gardening and plants are easily accesible for everyone. Conveniently delivered to your door along with a plant care guide, anyone can start their path to successful gardening.

BloomBox Identity 1


The mark for BloomBox captures the main aspects of the company: plants and delivery. All of the strokes are one weight and have rounded caps to maintain a fun and tranquil look. The lines that form the flower are connected to show a harmonious and complete form. The flower is placed into a three-sided structure to represent the delivery where the plant becomes easily accessible.



The typeface for BloomBox was chosen to resemble the line work in the mark. Quicksand has rounded caps for the strokes of each letter and the weight is matched to the line weight in the mark.

The BloomBox wordmark can be applied as a vertical or horizontal layout.

Color 1
Color 2


The colors for BloomBox were chosen based on the meaning behind flower colors. Orange flowers represent excitement, green flowers symbolize optimism, and blue flowers convey serenity.



These icons are designed with the same line width and outlined shapes to resemble the brand mark. They can be applied to plant tag cards, the mobile application, website and other products to help the user understand more about their plants.

BloomBox Icons
Icon Application
Print Application
Breathe. Destress. Grow.